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About Us


Dev Net BD

Accuracity is the main Feature

Of Our Organization

Dev Net BD is one of the best customized software developer and world class IT training provider in Bangladesh. Recently we started exporting our software by outsourcing method. In Bangladesh we have some valued clients who are renowned in their own arena.

Better service is our motto. We develop by what you need what we do technique. Our main technologies are Oracle and Linux.

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Our People

We have a very strong development and management team and they are our proud. We believe that if every where team bonding works well they can work for a long time. Excellent pool of talent giving you a strategic advantage. Our people are our most valuable asset.

Dev Net BD hires and retains the best talent available in Bangladesh to work for and lead its software development organization.

All potential candidates go through a very stringent and rigorous screening, interview and background check process before they are made part of DevNet BD's technical team


As information technology industry experts, we at Dev Net BD stay informed about all the innovations and technology progress in software integration, application development, and technology consulting that appear every day. This means that we are prepared to help you with the latest advances in technology.

Our team also uses Dev Net BD’s proprietary methods for software quality assurance, software engineering processes, and application integration so that you get the right solution for your business needs.

The following technologies fall under our area of expertise:

Programming Languages

Java, C#, VB.NET, PHP, C/C++, ActionScript, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, VBA, Perl, Python, Ruby, ColdFusion, SQL, PL/SQL

Technologies & Frameworks

J2EE: JSP/Servlets, JNDI, RMI, EJB, JMS, JTA, JDO, JNI, JMX, JAAS, JSSE, JCE, Java TimerService, Applets, Swing, Java Web Start

JSF, Struts, GWT, Ext-GWT, GWT-Ext, Seam, Tapestry, Velocity, Spring, Hibernate, Toplink, Quartz, Jasper Reports, GigaSpaces, Terracotta, J2ME

.NET: ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Silverlight, WPF, ADO.NET, NHibernate, .NET Remoting, Windows Media Services, Windows Media DRM, MOSS, DotNetNuk

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Operation System

Windows Server Family, Linux Distributions, HP-UX, Mac OS, iPhone OS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile

We recommended that you start your software development project with software consulting and prototype development to help you visualize the potential business benefits for your company.

We at Dev Net BD are happy to consult with your business so that you are part of the process every step of the way

Delivery Methods

Dev Net BD is an innovative and flexible company and we try to provide our customers with the flexibility of choosing the appropriate custom software development partnership model to best suit their needs.

Dev Net BD 's outsource delivery models are strategically designed to fit the varying needs of the offshore market.

We offer the following custom software development Methods:

Offshore Delivery : The offshore delivery Method requires that all project development, from initial study to support stage, is done on Dev Net IT premises.

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